Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Firday: How I love thee let me count the ways.....

So instead of dragging my but out of bed to get to the stores by 6am, waiting line only after I race to the toys only to find they are gone; I deiced to join the 1,000's of people shopping online this year. ToysRUS had all their Doorbuster deals online. So Robert and I bought everything we wanted to get for Mikey online and let me tell you it was worth the 19.50 in shipping to be able to stay in bed :)
This was important to me this year because for Keira (with her only being 5m by Christmas and having an obsene amout of toys due to Mikey) we decied to by her some more Cloth Diapers. My favorite site for Cloth Diaper info has to be Diaperswappers. They had a list of WAHM that were having sales on their Cloth Diapers. I also got some detergent from Crunchy Clean. I will be reviewing all the products on my site that we bought.

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