Friday, September 26, 2008

Carry your baby

Back in the day before the time of cars and strollers when we had to carry our babies we used baby carriers made of cloth. In most 3rd world countries this is still the norm. Here lately there has been a boom in sales for cloth baby carriers. They range from just one piece of cloth wraped around you to ones with buckles that are sopost to be better for your back. I personaly love the moby style wrap and mei tai which is an Asian form of baby carrier.

According to Dr. Sears some of the benefits of waring your baby are less crying, they learn more, get "humanized" earlier, and they are smarter.

I personally own a mei tai made by one of my friends she has an ETSY shop where she sales them. She also made me a nursing cover to match :)

Now I just need to learn the nursing hold in the carrier.

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