Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update on the kiddos

Keira is now 2 months old. I cant believe it. She is also sleeping through most nights. She has the adorable little coo that she does once she is done nursing. It sounds like she is saying "ah ooh".
I will try to get a video of that soon. She can also roll up on her side. Its amazing what you can accomplish at such a young age. Its so funny cause I think back to when Mikey was that young and all I remember is him being so small. Its funny what you tend to recall about the past. As for me I cant remember anything in my childhood till about after the age of 4 I think.

Mikey is doing considerably well with the lack of attention he has been getting from me. I feel so guilty allot of the time for not spending time with him when Keira is asleep. I really cant do that much when she is awake because of her need to be held. Mikey has gotten to the point where if I turn to just make sure she is still asleep he will cry no mommy play with me. And because of this we are going to start a schedule to help him have more focused tasks and hopefully give me the time I need to be able to clean the house.

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