Monday, September 29, 2008

Wedding China

We all register for it so why don't we use it. My husband and I have been trying to cut down on the # of boxes that we have in our storage area. Since we are planning on keeping all the little girl clothes we now have incase we have a girl next time. We came arcoss a box that had our wedding china in it. Now this is really nice stuff! Royal Doulton We have just had it sitting in a box! So I guess I am just wondering why it is that we dont use this china. Yeah tradtional it is used only when you are having guests over or having a dinner party. But why not use it every day. Most of the fine china is dishwasher safe now. We are going to break out the fine china and give ourselfs a treat for dinner.

Post in your comment if you use yours and why or why not.

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Sunny said...

We don't use ours! It's packed away for the lack of space to have it out. Also, I'm afraid of breaking it...I got it in Japan when we were stationed there. I should break it out every once in a while!

Sunny : )