Saturday, October 11, 2008

Book Review - Will you carry me?

I just got the chance to review Will you carry me? by Heleen Van Rossum Illustrated by Peter Van Harmelen from the Kane/Miller Publishing company. The company publishes Award winning children's books from around the world. They believe by exposing children to books and cultures around the world they are making better citizens for our future.

Here is an quote from their website about the books they have chosen and what they hope to accomplish by choosing these books:

"We believe that children's books should comfort and challenge, that they should awaken the imagination and the conscience. We publish books we think are important to bring to American children. We truly believe in bringing the world closer to a child and the children of the world closer to each other. We want books that capture life's and lives experiences and present them in a way that will make children say both "wow, that's just like me" and also "wow, that's different."

As for my review of the book, WE LOVED IT! Mikey really enjoyed the book and tried to guess what the mom would do next in it. It was very true to life for me. The book is about a Mother and Son who are having to walk home from the park. The little boy wants to be carried and the mother finds ways to get him home without carrying him. I defiantly recommend this book for anyone with a child about 2-4. And the best thing is that this book is not very expensive as well. Most of the books on the Kane/Miller website are not very expensive which is great for Mommy's looking to fill their at Home Libraries with books that are educational and entertaining.
I hope you are able to check out Kane/Miller Publishers Award winner books for your Christmas gifts!

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Claire said...

Super cool Mary!
Really enjoyed browsing through their interesting selection of books.
Love expanding the horizons of children. ;>