Thursday, October 2, 2008

Keira Oct Update

Keria is only 2m but she has quickly outgrown her 0-3m clothes. This is kinda a good thing since its turning colder here and all her 0-3 outfits are summer ones. So as I sniff and put away her tiny clothes I am rejoicing in the fact that she is starting to play and interact with everyone. She loves to stare at her big brother. And he loves to entertain her. Keira is rocking back and forth on her back to try to flip now and will probably flip in about a month. She reacts to all of our voices now and is laughing allot. She has some really big feet too! Shes into 6-12m socks! Can you believe it? But they aren't fat just long. That means she is gonna be tall right? She really does not like the Mei Tai so I think I am gonna need to bring out the ring sling. She wants to see more of what is going on I think. Just like Mikey she has to look at everything.

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