Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Domestic Diva

In my attempts to become the domestic diva I know is inside me somewhere I am doing a few things: 1. teaching myself to sew, 2. Cooking more things from scratch, and 3. Taking a cake decorating class.

When we went to the Lumberjack computation last month I found out that the Wilton Cake decorating classes at AcMoore where 1/2 price this month. So I deiced to sign up. Tonight was our first night of class. We learned how to icing a cake so that it looks smooth and professional. I come home excited to tell Robbie what we learned and all my insider tips and he says oh yeah I already new that. GRRRRR Hello I am sopost to be the one who tells you stuff about cooking and cleaning and domestic type things and YOU are sopost to say, "Wow honey I never new that YOU are awesome."

Anyway next class we take we are going to learn how to trace an image and transfer it onto the cake. This will come in handy if Mikey wants a transformer cake :)

I also learned why my moms (totally delicious) Icing always falls apart :) She 1. doesn't use the Maurine and 2. puts too much milk.

So mom if you are reading this that's what you need
Love you ;)

Now I just have to make sure that I can make the roses better than Robbie. (He took Home Ec in High School.)

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