Friday, October 3, 2008


Robert and I have been talking about where we want to go on his next tour. I said EUROPE :)

So In light of that decision I am going to post all the places I want to travel too IF we get stationed there :)

1. Italy - I was saving up to go to Italy before we got married. I spend my money on the wedding. I was even practicing Italian.
2.Ireland - My grandma is from there and I would love to go see the town her family was from
3. Scotland - For the beautiful castles
4. If I am going to be in Scotland I need to go down to London :)
5. Spain - I want to go see a bull run (from a balcony of course)
6. France - This will be a hard one to get Robbie to go to because he is bitter about the role they played when we invaded Iraq. But I really want to go to the Eiffel tower
7. If it is safe enough to go I would love to go to Israel.
8. Cruise the Mediterranean
9. Greece - My dad was a history buff and drilled the COOLNESS of all the historical sites into me.
10. Egypt - This will be a tricky one. I would love to go but I don't think it would be too safe with 2 kids. I would love to go see the pyramids.

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SondreLyn said...

I am so with you! I love, Love, LOVE Europe! We were stationed in England for 3 years and it is hands down my favorite place to live. We visited so many great places while we were there, including France. It was amazing! We are hoping our next orders will be to Europe too. Italy, esp. But just about anywhere will make it easy to travel all over Europe again. Hope you get the orders you are dreaming of!